“This is the place”: How I Know I Am In (Holladay) Utah.

Over the past two months of being here in Utah several people have asked me how Utah differs from the places that I have lived before. This is list is my attempt at putting my finger on some of those unique Utah things that I have experienced so far. I intend to add to this list as I continue to live and experience Utah. This post will be a lot more fun if everyone contributes their ideas of what should be on the list as well.

–   Looking out the window repeatedly and thinking that I am staring at the moon but then belatedly realizing it is a Burger King sign.

–  Not being able to go 10 minutes while walking to church without random people stopping next to me and offering me a ride. At first I walked to church because I wanted the exercise, now I just go and count down the minutes until someone pulls over.

–  Referring to the giving someone the “finger” as giving someone the “happy sign.” That sure changed the meaning of that personal story during Sunday School!

–  Having nine chapels that I (as someone new to my area) can think of within a five-minute drive.

–   Hearing inaudible grumbles about Obama (it is only inaudible because no one wants to hear my blatant socialist/Canadian retorts) every time the topic of elections or government comes up.

–  Having the mountains so close that they feel protective.

–   Needing a half hour to walk three blocks downtown.

–   Being able to use the word “Sunstone” like a swear word.

–  Places and people named after words unique to the Book of Mormon ie. The national park Zion, the guy down the street named Moroni, and the make out spot on Zarahemla road.

–  Referring to canning as a season.

–  Realizing that I do not know a single non-Mormon here in Utah, which is particularly strange for me because I usually I am the token Mormon.

–  Using the word “flamer” to refer to someone who is gay.  Someone at work told me of her embarrassment when she thought she was using a particular website for research but when she clicked, it turned out to be a website of a flamer. It took me a while to realize she was not talking about an arsonist.

–  Going to a bookstore and seeing over five books about Mitt Romney which are still on the best-seller racks.

–  Seeing that the chivalry, or at least the act of holding doors for women is indeed not dead.

–   Someone’s first response, when telling them about my recent car accident, is to ask what they can do for me.

–  Feeling self-conscious to the point of obsession about your lawn.

–  Having my cashier at the grocery store (who I feel that I have never seen before) tell me she enjoyed my testimony at church.

–  Needing to tailor one’s mini van to accommodate the giant reusable mugs for gas station refills on diet coke.

What have I missed? Comment, comment, comment!




4 thoughts on ““This is the place”: How I Know I Am In (Holladay) Utah.

  1. You bore your testimony at church? Way to go! Did you have to wait in line? I will have to try saying “Oh, Sunstone,” and seeing if it has the same effect, because the other day Charlotte said “Bugger all” and “screw you” so we need to be more careful.

  2. -grass so green it could be plastic
    -circles (AKA Cul-de-sac’s)
    -more gutters than sidewalks

    sayings like:
    -oh my stars
    -oh my heck
    -shut the front door

    i mean, there’s so so many more!!!

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