Uh oh the only Spanish words I know are from a Ricky Martin song!

For all those interested, I have decided to try a blog! At the moment there will be little to no frills because uploading pictures and dealing with technology in general can be such a big pain since my internet and computer sources are unreliable. Enjoy!

Hello from Flores Guatemala! It is freezing here! I have pulled my full length clothes out from the bottom of my bag (I didn’t need them in Mexico). Instead of constantly sweating I am now afraid to take a shower because my hotel doesn’t have heated water. Yikes. My hotel also doesn’t have any windows or doors that actually close and neither does any other piece of infrastructure here. I am finding myself facing a problem that I only brought one change of warm clothes. However the cool weather did come in handy today when I went to Tikal, a huge amount of ruins that are famous for their location in a malaria ridden jungle! Needless to say I didn’t have to bring my bug spray with me.

The ruins themselves were really impressive. Many of them had not been restored yet and lay under thick jungley vegetation.

In my first week and a half of traveling, I have been trying adjust to the quirks of the new culture not to mention an entirely new language. At the moment my lack of Spanish really limits the interactions I have with both locals and other tourists.

Here are some animal related fun facts that I have discovered/seen since being here:
– I have discovered a new species of birds that sound like a mix of children screaming and nails on a chalk board. Their favorite chorusing times are at dawn and dusk. There is a tree right outside of my window at my hotel. Dawn is at 6am.
– When I was in Merida, Mexico I saw cockroaches for sale that had fake diamond, precious stones, and gold chains attached to them. Is that animal cruelty or is it ok because they are disgusting cockroaches?
– I saw a real toucan today! it didn’t have any jewelry but it was still really cool!

that is all for now folks.

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